CyberLife Café Stickers - Detroit: Become Human

CyberLife Café Stickers - Detroit: Become Human

The CyberLife Café welcomes you to it's Grand Opening!
Partake in delectable desserts and an exquisitely crafted drinks menu. We pride ourselves in utilizing the finest of Detroit's locally sourced ingredients, and partner with local distilleries to bring our patrons the finest of our fair city. But what is a meal without pleasant company to share it with? The CyberLife Café boasts top-of-the-line companion androids, painstakingly engendered to match each patron's needs and personalities perfectly. Our Maids are designed for the most pleasant customer experience of any establishment in Detroit, so please, enjoy your stay. And by the way... do try and keep your hands off the merchandise.
~Elijah Kamski

Please give our newest Maids a warm welcome: RK800 & RK900
The newest additions to the Cafe are analytical models from the Connor series. Originally designed to assist law enforcement, CyberLife has crafted two models from this series exclusively for the food service environment. The RK800 model, with it's soft brown eyes and coquettish temperament, is perfect for anyone looking for witty and cute company. Fair warning: the RK800 model is known to be quite handsy, so if physical affection isn't to your liking then this model may not be to your liking. 
 As an unusual yet no less appealing contrast, the RK900 model can present as quit intimidating and cold. We take the suggestions of our patrons quite seriously, and your inquiries for an "ice queen" have finally been answered! Look no further than the RK900: with it's steely eyes and imposing build and stature, you can be sure it will bring you the attention (or rather, cold shoulder) you are looking for. 

Product Specs:
  • Ultra Glossy
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • about 2x3.5/4 inches
  • 5 USD