Catarina's Collection - Print Set

Catarina's Collection - Print Set

La Luna smiled brightly down on Catarina as she danced, revealing the audience surrounding her. Old souls watched full of nostalgia as their memories came back to haunt them...
In the shadows, she watched the world grow brighter. The opened doorway confused the young reaper and stoked the fire of her curiosity. Warmth embraced her as she grew closer, her feet moving forward before she could make sense of it all. She stepped over the threshold with no apprehension, sure that adventure would greet her on the other side.

Catarina's Collection - Series I & II Print Set. From a soon-to-be available webcomic series about a girl and her skull, written by Taneka Stotts and illustrated by GenuĂ© Revuelta. This Set collects the Prints from both Series.
  • 5x7 inch card-stock
  • Gold Foil Details

Available individually or as a set. 
25 USD